Fully automated, easy to deal with, well managed and everyone loves the outcome.  Might be better to clarify the written feedback on the storyboard or video on a call before diving into making the changes.This was an incredible experience. We will definitely produce more product videos through advids.
Brian lynch
We created 3 videos at once, and the Advids team was very structured and professional to deal with. They were very patient with all of our changes, and changes to our own changes. We highly recommend Advids for your video production. Great experience.
Kristian Haanes
rodati review
ADVIDS team helped us a lot during the creation process. They accommodated our requests, feedbacks and ideas in a very professional manner.
Matías Viel
I was impressed with ADVIDS at every stage from planning to creative to production. They are structured, responsive, friendly and talented. I highly recommend ADVIDS.
Ashok Kamal
I really enjoyed working with Advids.Their back-end system makes it seamless to make changes and updates. We are hoping next time they will offer more versatility in artwork. They were professional, punctual and delivered an excellent final product. Looking forward to working with Advids again in the near future!
Ethan Voltolini
I don't think I have any complaints or suggestions on improvement whatsoever. They are right up there in understanding the requirement and got a have got a superb mix of creativity and efficiency. It was a delight to see the deadlines coming to life on my way. You guys are brilliant!I would recommend Advids anyday :)
Neha Bahl
pleasantly surprised with the efficiency,will use advids again.
Rebecca Ney
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.08.53 PM
The video quality is excellent, the price was outstanding. The advids team was a lot of fun to work with. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they incorporated our ideas and suggestions. Sending multiple reads of the script would have been very helpful and save some back and forth.I would definitely work with them again.
Angel Clark
Although the team took some time to grasp our business concept initially but with couple of calls it all fell in place. They were very flexible and worked well with us through the iteration phase. Great team with good work ethics! Advids are a great partner.  
Venkat Subramanian
AdVids is amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better team. They are skilled, will to work with you, patient, and really know what they are doing. Great talent, great speed, and great service. Thank you guys!!
Nat Chomcherngpat
I loved almost every bit of my advids experience. From the creators to the online collaboration tools, everything was on point.
Max Tanski
Advids made the process of producing this video fro our company very simple. Their process allowed us to simply follow their steps to a completed product. We have plans to use them again soon.
Carlee Hudachko
Mostly it's all good. You can improve in reading the feedback exactly. The team were all responsive and professional and the end product was delivered high quality and in a timely fashion!
Marcin Olszowy
The team at advids did an excellent job especially working with us in 3 different time zones. They were very patient and accommodating with changes we required and each stage was made extremely clear. We are already thinking of having another video made and will certainly use them for it.
Chris Crothall
The platform should send me alerts only when my input is required not for all activity.An excellent team that I would be happy to continue to work with and recommend.
Kavit Handa
Thank you for your attentive service and a great effort to make our video match our expectations. I look forward working withyou again!
John Stein
no complaints . you guys produced a great video which we use in all our email campaigns.
Moatasem Osam
The additional charges for increase in duration were handled a bit casually.You should have called me instead of just emailing to get a confirmation.however in the end, the team made the final tweaks to the duration to perfect our video with no resistance.Our video is amazing and it was truly a team effort.
ashley swartz
I have worked with a lot of video agencies in the last two years but never like this one. AdVids stood out from the crowd in terms of their efficiency, professionalism and ability to understand and execute what was required of them. The team was creative, patient and supportive. Expect calls as a lot of people have been asking us about who made the video. Hope to work again with AdVids.
Ishita Chaudhary
I always knew exactly how my project was progressing and Advids was very good at delivering milestones on time and with very high quality.They are very responsive, professional and their process for working with clients is very easy and intuitive to use.Advids has been great to work with.
Glenn Gulau
We were amazed at how readily the Advids team understood our complex business.Initially it was somewhat unclear how to reply to comments in your interface but the smart assistant feature was great. You did a wonderful job of translating our message into a simple and engaging script and motion graphics. Communicating through the Advids interface made managing the whole project very easy. Two thumbs up!
Suzanne Ryan
I honestly don't have any suggestions about how you can improve the service. I have been telling my colleagues at Eureeca how on the ball the whole advids team is. You do a great job at showing patience with the client, while pushing us to submit the materials you need to proceed with each milestone. Rest assured: Eureeca will continue to be singing advids' praises and referring additional business.
Hayden Pirkle
Øyvind Frøland
I understand that revision request extended the deadline by 2 more should try to incorporate the revision within the initially agreed timeline.Other than that your platform & process is great.The video you produced is helping us explain bitcoin to newcomers.
chitral patel
Our experience with the Advids team far exceeded my expectations! They really understood our objectives and vision, were highly responsive to our feedback, and they delivered a high quality animated video that we plan to use extensively.I can't think of any area that needs improvement! We will definitely be using Advids again for our future video animation projects!
Genevieve Murray
Love our final video.You have added some good features for the project management and reviews, adding an easy method of  calling through the platform will be helpful to explain complicated issues super instantly.
Nibal Houry
Nothing to improve. I rated the video a 9 out of 10 because nothing is perfect and my ideas for the video can always get better. We are a startup this was my 1st video. All you guys did was a 10 plus. Your job management system is fantastic, the way you took our ideas and made the come to life was second to none. You really understand tech and the industry and we appreciate that. Great customer servies, Great client and job management portal. Advids really understood what we were trying to accomplish. They were extreemely helpful and patient.…
Jeffrey Dinardo Jr.
The process was fast and the platform was easy to use . The final video is great - we use it almost everywhere. One piece of advise - You can make your process  even more fast by  working on multiple steps at one time rather than proceeding linear.
Kiran Goldman
Very receptive and responsive to my input.Everything was great!Thanks for the video.
marc grisham
Thank you for an awesome video.The team's creativity was fairly good, still has scope of improving.Overall Good work.
Vibha Maini
Well designed platform, great process and impressive team.We will definitely work with advids again soon.
Jonathan Woolley
Advids was incredibly easy to work with. They made some fantastic suggestions that hadn't even occurred to us. They really handled themselves like pros. For a fraction of what it would have cost for us to use a local source, we were able to get a much better video from advids, and the trunaround time was superb.
Carson Honeycutt
Honestly not much I would suggest differently for a video creation platform. The process was easy to follow, streamlined, thorough and quick. AdVids has done a great job of streamlining their engagements, and we found our project teams to be smart, quick, and adaptable. We will definitely work with AdVids on further videos in the future!
Nate Schier